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To provide innovative, culturally sensitive, and individualized interventions that will strength, heal, and transform individuals in underserved communities in Indiana.


To create interventions that will reduce risk, facilitate recovery, and promote wellness for Hoosiers across the State.


Compassion, empathy, growth, integrity, servant leadership, innovation, and accountability.

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Perseverance Partners is a grassroots, women/minority-owned agency that provides resources, clinical intervention, and collaborative support services to underserved individuals and families facing hardship in Indiana.


Through an unwavering commitment to helping build stronger families and communities, Perseverance Partners seeks to promote growth and psycho-social development through evidence-based practices and holistic integrated care approaches acknowledging the mind, body, and spirit.

History of Quality Services

Perseverance Partners is a grassroots minority-owned agency that believes in a holistic approach.  Their owners Sherian Barnes and Rita Beard, MBA, MAMFT, CSAYC have over 60 years of experience working with the state-wide Hoosier community.  As ambassadors for human dignity, community service, and transformational change, Perseverance Partners, was founded, in 2020, to provide evidence-based, trauma-informed, intensive home and community-based treatment services to children, adolescents, and their families.  The populations we serve include substance use disorder; family conflict; adoption support; sexually harmful and reactive youth, and complex trauma.

Our Service Providers

Our behavioral health specialist providers embrace a holistic approach to servicing our clients. We seek to address psychological symptoms or behavioral concerns and embrace the challenges of societal, environmental, spiritual, and physical needs.  Our service providers meet the clients where they are, both literally and figuratively.  This means that we acknowledge each challenge's uniqueness and work with the client (the expert) to develop a program that meets their individual needs. 

What Makes Us Unique

Our organization is unique, in that, we are family-centered servant leaders with compassion for the underserved community.  Our environment of empathy, validation, and compassion allows healing to begin. Our passion to serve is illustrated in our cultural humility and extensive community involvement.  We build villages of hope and harmony, by promoting self-efficacy, collaborative relationships, kindness, and respect for all.   

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